A First-Time Mom’s Checklist for Her Newborn


Are you excited for the coming of your new little bundle of joy? Just like anything new that is coming into your life, it is very important that you are prepared in more ways than one. There are so many things that you need in order for you to make your baby feel comfortable and for you to feel at ease as you carry on with the different tasks that you have to do as a mother.

Are you still clueless on what to prepare for your baby’s arrival? Here is a checklist of the things that you need to have when your baby is born:

Nursing Necessities
These are the things that you need to ensure that your baby has a constant supply of milk that is essential for growth and development.

  •      >Feeding bottles
  •      >Feeding nipples
  •      >Bottle brushes for cleaning
  •      >Electric or manual breast pump
  •      >Storage bottles for breast milk
  •      >Nursing pads and pillows

Health and Safety
Ensure that your baby is always in tip top shape and is always secure even when you just step outside for a few minutes with these:

  •      >Digital thermometer
  •      >Nasal aspirator
  •      >Digital audio/visual baby monitor
  •      >Night lamp and flashlight

Baby Care Products
Your baby’s sensitive body needs proper care so have these in your list of your baby’s bathing needs:

  •      >Baby shampoo
  •     >Baby body wash like Bepanthen Baby Bath which is a dermatologically tested hypoallergenic mild cleanser perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. It has pro-vitamin B5 and skin lipids that protects the skin from drying out and nourishes the skin to keep it smooth, supple and healthy. It is soap-free, does not have any preservatives, colourants or perfume. It is so safe that it can be used from the first bath onwards.
  •      >Baby oil or lotion
  •      >Baby brush or comb
  •      >Pacifiers, teething ring
  •      >Baby bath tub
  •      >Baby changing mat
  •    >Diaper rash ointment like Bepanthen Ointment which has an oil-rich formula that prevents the occurrence of nappy rashes, cares and treats dry and cracked skin, and promotes healing of baby’s sensitive skin. It is packed with pro-vitamin B5 which promotes the regeneration and healing properties of the skin.

Linen and Diapers
Changing diapers and changing your baby’s clothes should never be a big problem once you have these things ready:

  •      >Baby blanket or wrap
  •      >Diapers, can be cloth or disposable ones
  •      >Baby wipes
  •      >Emollient that protects against skin barrier disruption e.g. Bepanthen Ointment
  •      >Washcloths
  •      >Baby towels
  •      >Newborn sleepers
  •      >Receiving blankets
  •      >Baby quilt
  •      >Newborn socks or booties
  •      >New born cap
  •      >Infant wear, shirts, overalls, sweaters

Baby Gear, Furniture and Accessories
Here are some other things that you may need to keep your baby comfortable as possible inside and outside your home:

  •      >Baby carrier or sling
  •      >Infant seat, if you have a car
  •      >Stroller
  •      >Diaper bag
  •      >Crib or cradle
  •      >Changing table

It pays to be prepared! Follow this checklist and you will have everything that you need in order for you to care for your baby and to make sure your baby is well assisted for growth and development.

The New Bepanthen Baby Bath together with regular application of a Good mosturizing ointment such as Bepanthen Ointment are essential in minimizing irritation and disruption of baby’s delicate skin. Both product reinforce and support the barrier thereby helping to protect against nappy rash. They are therefore a perfect match, baby and mums will feel the difference.


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