Fun Craft Activities for your Toddler on National Day

The moment you spend your day with your toddler you can be sure the day becomes more meaningful and fun. And you can easily make the day extra special when you opt to bond with your toddler and create something beautiful together. And since National Day is near, why not take your creativity to a whole new level. Create simple crafts with your toddler and focus around themes on independence and freedom.

National Day craft activities to do with your toddler

Here are some of the neat craft activities you can do with your toddler on National Day. The great thing about these activities is you can create crafts and come up with new toddler toys. However, while doing crafts make sure that toddler safety is uphold.

Create flag toddler toys. You only need sticks, couple of colored papers, scissors, glue and pen and you can make a beautiful flag. While doing this activity you can also tell your kid about the meaning of a yellow crescent, the 14-point star on a blue field, and the alternating stripes of red and white. Your child will be delighted with the flag toddler toys and wave them like a true champ. Make sure though to cut the sharp ends of the sticks to ensure toddler safety.  

Make a collage. You may cut the pictures beforehand so that you don’t give your child the chance to use the sharp, pointy scissors, thus, ensures toddler safety. Then, ask your toddler to help glue the pictures. While doing so, tell your kid about them, especially their relevance to Malaysia. The collage can be used as a wall decor or a door ornament, and become one of the valuable educational toddler toys3. The pictures will remind him who or what they are and their purpose in Malaysian country and culture.

Create kites. Kites are often made huge and with intricate embellishments. They are so lovely to look at as they soar high in the sky. Your toddler will be happy to have a couple of kites as a toddler toy. To make the kites in line with the upcoming National Day, design them on patriotic themes. While flying kites, do it on a wide open space, far from trees, major roads, and overhead cables to ensure toddler safety.

Toddler activities and safety
Doing craft activities with your toddler is going to be the best way to infuse the meaning of National Day. Since your child may not be ready to do craft on his own it’s best to do crafts with them while toddler safety is kept to avert untoward accidents during this special day.


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