Every Child is Different: Understanding Your Toddler and His Temperament


It can be very difficult to maintain you’re cool when you are with a toddler who is very temperamental. Even if you’re just the baby sitter or the parents, toddlers can get into people’s nerves as easily as butter can melt in a hot pan. This is why controlling your anger is just as important as keeping your toddler under control.

One of the best ways for people to make sure that they don’t lose their cool is by understanding why it’s bad for their kids. Toddlers have always been known to throw the most unexpected and worst tantrums. If they are not dealt with properly, they can cause parents to lose control and lash out on their kids. If you cannot find a reason not to raise your voice to your toddlers, always remember one thing. If you raise your voice, this will insinuate fear. The thing is though; a toddler will fear the parent instead of being able to understand what the commotion was all about in the first place. If this is the case, toddlers will develop wrong sets of toddler behavior that will carry on through their adult years.

Also, it helps to make sure that you know your toddler well. If parents know their toddlers well, they will be able to predict when a tantrum is about to hit. Aside from giving them a heads up, they might even prevent it from happening. This way, parents can make use of the short attention span that toddlers are known to posses. If there is no tantrum, there will be no reason to lose your cool. And, if you know if a tantrum is about to erupt, then you will be mentally prepared you will least likely lose your control.

It also helps to remember that the best way to deal with a toddler that is having tantrums is extinction. This means that it is best to ignore the toddler. Although this might seem harsh, this can actually help the toddler realize that he or she will not get he or she wants by whining. Also, it can be very helpful for parents who are about to lose control because dissociation is always the best way to deal with anger.

Lastly, the best way to manage anger when it comes to a toddler that is throwing one heck of a tantrum is by understanding how it happens in the first place. Parents should realize that during the toddler age, kids clamor for independence which they assume they can get by throwing tantrums. This is why parents should always remember not to lose their cool because this is something that is very natural to a toddler.


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