How Breastfeeding Strengthens the Mother-Baby Bond







Breastfeeding is not just about giving the adequate nutrition that the baby needs for growth and development. There is more to breastfeeding that just the mother’s milk. It is the bridge that connects the mother and the baby and makes the maternal bond much stronger.

Studies have shown that breastfeeding promotes massive bursts of the “love hormone” called oxytocin. Researchers from Warwick University had an experiment that showed that when a mother breastfeeds, her neurons release oxytocin and then create a positive feedback loop to produce quantities of it. This hormone is produced in the hypothalamus of the brain and is associated with emotions such as trust, affection, and satisfaction. This event then results in an altered mood or state for the mother and making the whole breastfeeding experience positive for them. Participants from the experiment have said that they are going to repeat breastfeeding because it is such a rewarding experience for them as much as it is for their baby.

Breastfeeding promotes the development of the baby’s trust to the mother. The baby may not be able to have good eyesight during the first few weeks but it is through breastfeeding wherein the baby uses the other senses to identify the mother and build a sense of trust through those indicators. The baby is nurtured through the warmth of the mother’s body and the baby is snuggled within her arms. The baby then starts to become familiar with the mother’s scent, voice, and heartbeat. These are the things that the baby will yearn for in the future in order to find comfort and protection.

Breastfeeding is also a decision of mothers to be more empathetic and caring for their children, according to Pilyoung Kim, a psychologist from the National Institute of Mental Health. In her research under Yale University, Kim has deduced that women who breastfeed have made the decision to do so even before they even went into labor. This shows that they are aware of their baby and are able to start creating the maternal bond early on.

Through different scientific researches, breastfeeding has been shown that it is beneficial in building a relationship between the baby and the mother. There are chemicals in the brain that create this bond and there are also subtle indicators and conscious psychological processes that come into play in order to elevate breastfeeding from just providing much needed nutrition to an activity that fosters an indestructible link between a mother and a baby.

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