Preschoolers and Dentists: The First Encounter


During preschool age, kids experience the most number of fears. They are afraid of the dark, ghosts and large animals. However, what makes it so hard for parents to bring their preschooler to the dentist is their fear of anything that associate pain and being left alone. The sad part though is the fact that parents think that the fear their preschooler experiences are the same as the fear that is experienced by a kid in his school age. This is why they tend to think that their preschooler does not deserve a different kind of treatment.

This article helps to debunk that way of thinking and open up parents to different methods that can help them bring their preschool kids to the dentist easily even if it is for the first time. Although it is quite a hard task to accomplish, parents should first be aware as to why it is so important to bring a preschool child to the dentist. One reason is the fact that during this time of their life, they are most prone to dental caries.  Even if kids know how to brush and floss on their own, chances are, they will still choose not to do if given the choice.

First thing that parents need to do is not to put any pressure on their preschool kid to go to the dentist. They should always exude positivity and make sure that their kids are happy when they’re about to go to the dentist. Try not to scold them for anything when they’re about to go to the dentist. Make sure that if they hear painful stories from their friends regarding trips to the dentist that it is addressed immediately. If preschool kids are left with that thought for a long period of time, they will begin to imagine different scenarios that would turn out to be impossible.

Parents should also take their role as the authority figure when going to the dentist for the first time. This means staying in control and not letting the situation get to them. Although it can be very hard to bring a preschool child to the dentist for the first time, parents should always remember to stay above the situation. They key is not losing control and cool.

Lastly, it is very important for parents to address any concerns that preschool child may have. Since this is their first trip to the dentist and they probably heard a lot of dentist stories from their friends, parents should remain as their number one source of information. Their questions should be answered simply and not with technical terms that they will not understand at all.


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