Tips to Encourage Preschool Kids to be Independent


Is your preschool child showing eagerness of becoming independent? Or is she being too attached that you can’t leave her alone in school? If your child is still in her infancy, it is natural to be clingy. But if she continues to act that way even in her preschool years, then she might need to become more self-sufficient.

Preschool children are best encouraged to become independent at school. In fact, independence in preschool children is one of the primary concerns in a Montessori school.

If your preschool child isn’t showing signs of independence, these tips may help you.

  • Asking your child to help out at chores, like cleaning up her things and toys
  • Urging your child to choose a favorite toy or dress in a child’s store
  • Invite her classmates from school to come over so that she can show to them her toys and host a play
  • Exchange tips with her preschool or Montessori school teacher regarding her interests at home and school to incorporate on getting her more confident about herself and independent.
  • Praise your preschool child every time she does something remarkable all by herself.


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