A Family that Eats Together, Stays Together: Why Family Meal Time Is Important


The idea of the family meal time seems to be one thing that belongs in and to the past. Interest in this tradition, nevertheless, is reviving, especially as study continues to point to the benefits of household meals.

What is the important deal about family meals, anyway? Are they really vital? The research would recommend yes, they are.

Listed below are some benefits of getting regular family meal times, and a few explanation why family meal time are important.


Family meals are more nutritious than fast food, even when you use frozen greens and canned fruits in your food preparation. Should you take a while to research, you’ll find that healthy meals don’t necessarily take any longer to cook than frozen, packaged foods. Healthy meals should not have to be very expensive, either.

Family meals help prevent spontaneous stops at unhealthy drive-through, and provide significantly better family nutrition.


Again and again the numbers show that eating at home is cheaper than eating out. Even “low cost” food, such as $1 menus at fast food eating places, will be more expensive than a individual portion of a home-cooked meal. For the price of a fast food meal – say $5 – you can buy (depending on local prices) a head of lettuce and a bag of potatoes, or a few kilos of apples and half a pound of cheese.


This is likely one of the key advantages to family meal time. Sitting around a table and talking is a way for family to interact with each other and exchange conversation about what’s going on in each other’s lives.  Experts agree that meal times ought to be as calm and peaceful as possible, so it’s not a good time to “grill” or pump your loved ones members for information. It may be better simply to let the conversation naturally develop from your time together.


If your kids are participating in the meal process – getting ready the food, setting the table, helping clear up – then you are teaching them important skills. Children used to learn by helping grown-ups with chores around the house, and they still can! You’re also showing them what’s involved in meal preparation, which may foster a way of appreciation for individuals who prepare meals for them, now and in the future.

One other important factor that young children learn at family meals is manners. These vital abilities will serve your children for their whole lives.

Validation and Security

When you take the time to have family meals, you are telling your family, “You’re worth it.” You are saying, in essence, that your loved family members are valued time, effort, and money. In fact, studies have proven that household meals may also help boost kids’ self-esteem, and will enhance or prevent deviant behavior in teens.

Family meals set up a routine, too, that help kids feel extra secure. Meals can offer a safe haven for children who often find college, homework, socializing, and extracurricular activities overwhelming.


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