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Address: Avenue Park, One Ampang Avenue Jalan Ampang Utama 2/1 68000 Ampang Selangor
Contact Number: 03-4256-6665/ 03-4252-8548
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If you would like your child to develop into a confident, lifelong learner, contact

Dr. Irene Leow, Principal

What is Seri Mawar is About ….

Seri Mawar offers programs that encourage your children’s holistic development. Our programs build your child’s confidence and help them to develop into enthusiastic, lifelong learners.

Our program encourages the social and emotional development of your child, as well as his/her cognitive and physical development.

Our Curriculum

Seri Mawar’s curriculum and programs are child-centered and holistic …

We believe that children learn best through play and through a theme-based and integrated approach.

Your child is accepted for what he or she is. We build on your child’s strengths, providing developmentally-appropriate activities which are suitable to your child’s stage of development, abilities, needs, interests and background.

ALL your child’s efforts will be acknowledged and accepted so that learning becomes meaningful, effective and FUN!

Our Facilities

Seri Mawar is located in Avenue Park, a quiet peaceful park, ideal for nature and environmental studies. At Seri Mawar, children learn and play in a clean, spacious, purpose-built facility. Outdoors, there is a playground for fun, physical activities.
Other facilities include:
* a swimming pool
* cinemarette
* library
* multi-purpose hall

Our Teachers

Our teachers are carefully chosen, and have a keen interest in, and a genuine love for children. They are qualified, caring and committed.

We maintain a staff: child ratio of 1:5 for 2 year olds and 1:10 for 3-6 year olds.

Our Program
Your child can choose from a wide variety of hands-on activities and stimulating learning experiences, which best suit his or her individual needs.
These include:
* Practical life and self-help activities
* Art, craft and creative activities
* Music and movement
* Language activities including storytelling, reading and writing
* Numbers and mathematics activities
* Science projects and experiments
* Play

* Mandarin
* Music Appreciation
* English/Reading

Sessions Available from Mondays to Fridays
* Morning Session from 8.30am to 11.45am
* Half Day Session from 8.30am to 2.30pm
* Full Day Program from 8.30am to 6.00pm

Parent Involvement

We respect the parents’ right to be involved in their child’s program at the Center. Parent involvement is encouraged, so that we may work together for the best interests of the child.

Seri Mawar is a child’s paradise-in which the joy of early childhood development and learning are celebrated everyday! Make the most of your child’s preschool years! Enroll your child now!

Principal’s History
Dr. Irene Leow Kim Choo has been the operator and principal of Seri Mawar Child Care and Development Centre since 1988. She holds a PhD. in Zoology from the University of Leicester, but switched to the field of early childhood care and development when she could not find suitable play-based early childhood programs for her own children. She firmly believes in the importance of play, and of quality early childhood programs for the holistic development of children.

Dr. Leow is a trainer with the Association of Registered Childcare Providers, Malaysia. She also lectures part-time on topics related to childcare and development.


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