Newborn Pure Calming Oil


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With the launch of Newborn Pure Calming Oil, PIGEON becomes the first premium skincare brand for newborns. This latest innovation is PIGEON’s answer to a growing demand for a more natural approach to bonding with your baby by combining traditional massage therapy with advanced skin technology.

PIGEON Newborn Pure Calming Oil contains a uniquely crafted formula which helps soothe and calm skin to provide babies with a calming sensory experience:

  • The secret behind PIGEON’s trademark Natulayer™ formula was inspired by the naturally formed layer of protection found on baby’s skin inside the mother’s womb. This protective coat disappears after birth, making baby’s skin more vulnerable to external influences. PIGEONs unique formula includes a dual moisturising property that not only protects the baby’s skin but also locks in moisture.

Fruit Oil and Germ Oil, extracted respectively from Olive Fruit and Rice (Wheat), are added to complement the formula.



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