Educate your child the Montessori way

Did you know that 80% of your child’s brain will develop by age 5? During these critical periods of your child’s development, you need a good preschool programme to respond to all his or her needs.
San Lorenzo Montessori understands that children learn in different ways, and highly encourages the Montessori Method to parents.
A Montessori education prepares your child not just for school, but for life. It capitalizes on their absorbent minds and sensitive periods, which when tapped properly, lead to a holistically developed child mentally, physically, socially, and in all other aspects.
And because your children learn at their own individual pace, they develop a love for learning in the process. Using carefully tailored lessons ranging from simple to complex, from concrete to abstract, trust that your child is being honed exactly the way he or she should be.
Enroll your child at San Lorenzo Montessori and find the difference.
You may make appointments at +603-8024 8859 or email them at Please visit for more details.


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