Unleash those creative minds through exploration, experimentation, and excitement!


Exploration, experimentation, and excitement—these three come naturally to children, and when used effectively, lead to wonderful developments in the learning process.

Ann Pusaka’s daycare program uses these three methods to hone your children’s creative minds, helping them discover their world, understand it better, and find avenues for creation and growth.

Your children will surely love Ann Pusaka’s spacious bungalow and large garden for playtime, as well as its outdoor equipment for their physical and recreational needs.  Its infants room is large and well ventilated, and has its own set of books and toys. Ann Pusaka’s childcare program guarantees your peace of mind through its highly trained and competent staff who are there to give your children everything they need.

Ann Pusaka is ready to serve your needs from Monday to Thursday 7.30 am to 7.30pm, after 6 pm will be overtime, Friday or eve holiday 7.30am till 7 pm, after 6 pm overtime charged.


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