Is My Child Just Stubborn?


By Celine Villadares

Children will come to an age when they seem to have great fondness on the word “No!” which parents may perceive as stubbornness. As parents should know, this stubbornness stage is a normal developmental growth to toddlers but can also be seen throughout the child’s growth as he explores his authority and independence from them. But, up to what extent should parents put up with this unyielding behavior? Here are some ways on how to deal with your child:

Know and Understand the Stage of Your Child:

In toddler stage, saying No is a part of the child’s vocabulary. This is the time when they are establishing and exploring their self-authority even towards their parents. Whilst it is not wrong to reprimand your child about this behavior, however, it is significant that the parents understand the stage that the child must go through for a progressive growth. In dealing with this stage, parents must be aware of their facial expressions and reaction every time their child displays this certain behavior. Instead of showing your impatience or negative reactive, approach him and talk about his behavior.


There is no better way to deal with your child’s unyielding behavior other than to talk. It would allow you to understand the child’s perspective (no matter how immature you think it is), and also by listening to his words you give him the message that you value his thoughts. Kids nowadays are way smarter than before. They express themselves much clearer, so after you listen, let him know your thoughts as well as his parents.

Give Choices as Solution:

After you have sorted out the reason of his stubbornness, you try to offer a solution right? Well, give your child options where he can decide (But be smart enough to end up with the values that you want to teach him)  Express to your child that you have the final authority as a parent and he must also respect that as you respect his opinions. Settle things amicably.

Winning is Not Always the Goal:

As parents, you might probably think that winning over an argument with your child is the best. But think about it, winning over his whims and stubbornness won’t get you satisfied especially in the department of discipline. Sometimes, you really have to give in to some aspects in order to let your child exercise his own will. It doesn’t mean that you let him be all the time, balance the situations where it is really needed.

Stubbornness is part of growing and developing of a child, it does not only exhibit in toddler years but as long as your child grows older. There are no perfect answers on how to deal with this behavior, but one thing for sure; parents would always want to ensure the best for their child.


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