The Great Cloth Diaper Change


Date: April 22, 2017
Venue: The School Jaya One,

The Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents community Hosts Malaysia’s Seventh Annual Great Cloth Diaper Change International Event

Petaling Jaya, April 22, 2017: The Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents community, in collaboration with the international nonprofit Real Diaper Association, hosts Malaysia’s seventh annual international cloth diaper changing event which takes place on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at The School Jaya One, the same day as Earth Day. The Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC 2017) event will attempt to break the current World Record of 8,459 babies changed at one time around the world.1
Each year, billions of disposable diapers enter landfills where it takes hundreds of years for them to decompose, if ever. In five successful years of the GCDC event, participants have shown the entire world that cloth diapers are a real option for today’s modern families, particularly catching the eye of expecting and new parents who may be seeking more planet-friendly and affordable alternatives to disposable diapers.
According to Dr. Shahreedhan Shahrani, Organizing Committee Leader for GCDC 2017, this event is part of a larger (and growing) movement to change the way modern parents think about diapering their babies. “In this day and age, many are turning to using reusable cloth diapers because of the many benefits they provide to the parents (and their babies). Aside from your contribution to reducing local waste and landfill, cloth diapers allow families to save more money – the cost of using cloth diapers is only about half as much as disposables.
“For the fashion conscious, there are all the cute and stylish patterns to choose from. You also don’t have to worry about blowouts and suspicious chemicals used in making disposables so absorbent.”
To date, there are over 214 GCDC 2017 locations and counting, from 18 countries participating, including the USA, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, and Malaysia. In 2016, participants in 19 counties on 5 continents joined together to raise cloth diaper awareness in their local communities and around the world.
In Malaysia, there are more than 160 mom and baby pairs registered to participate in the event among thousands around the world anticipated to be in attendance. In addition to the GCDC world-recording setting activity, there are also various eco-friendly and natural baby product booths, and expert talks on children safety & health, breastfeeding, basic of cloth-diapering, and baby-wearing among others, plus other family-friendly activities. There will be also special appearance from Mr. Syed Azmi, the social activist whom will be talking about ‘The Rise of Sexual Abuse and Predators and How to Protect Our Children from it’.
Supporting this memorable event to raise awareness on cloth diapering are partners like – The School Jaya One, Daiesu, Snuggbaby, Twinkie Tush, Beebop Circus, HiJo Cloth Pad, ABC Diapers, LeonBee, Pipipau, J&E Global Sdn. Bhd., Bizzy Mummy, and more than 30 others who will be sponsoring merchandise for goodie bags and lucky draw prizes.

About The Great Cloth Diaper Change: The 7th Annual The Great Cloth Diaper Change is an international initiative organized with the help of the nonprofit Real Diaper Association, designed to show the world that cloth diapers are a real option for today’s families. The brainchild of Judy Aagard, of Tiny Tots in California, Aagard said she came up with the idea in an effort to host a family event celebrating Earth Day. The Great Cloth Diaper Change has morphed into an exciting World Record breaking event, and in 2014, GCDC participants set the current Guinness World Record of 8,459 babies changed at one time. Successfully organizing thousands of participants each year, with 19 countries on 5 continents hosting events, our reach was truly global in 2015 as we yet again increased the number of countries that joined together to raise cloth diaper awareness in their local communities. For more information, visit



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