5 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Baby Daddy Happy on Father’s Day

Father’s Day

With Father’s Day only two days away, many moms are scrambling to find or buy ways to make the day for dads extra special. But really, men are simple creatures and it honestly does not take much to make a baby daddy happy.

Prepare his favorites for breakfast. “The way to a man’s heart is through is his belly,” they say. Start his father’s day on a happy note by serving him his favorite breakfast meal. Prepare a small vase with fresh flowers, bring out your prettiest plates, and make him feel like a king by serving the most important meal of the day on a tray. Get the kids involved by giving them preparation assignments. A cute touch would be to put small note cards indicating which child prepared each dish, making the gesture all the more meaningful.

Do something HE loves. What does your baby daddy get excited about? Is it a sport? His favorite video game? A book series he really loves? On his special day, get the whole family together to do something you he will really enjoy. It will be even more special to him if you are able to do his favorite activity together.

Make something he can use on his desk at work. Dads really miss their children while they are at work, so why not give him something that will make the family feel less distant during the day? An adorable artwork by the kids, a framed photo, or even a personalized mug will surely be a bright spot on his desk during challenging moments in the office.

Put on a Father’s Day show for dad with the kids. Are your kids natural performers? Organize a show comprised of song, dance, and maybe even some instruments dedicated to dad! Include songs from his favorite artist, use his famous dance moves, and put all those guitar lessons to good use by preparing a Father’s Day show he will never forget.

Write him a sweet letter. And don’t forget to include a box of tissue! Warm his heart by writing a loving letter affirming him for all of the wonderful ways he loves your family. Here’s a tip: go beyond the generic “i love yous” and be very specific about the moments you appreciate him as a father and a spouse the most.

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