Here’s How You Can Celebrate a First Birthday Without Throwing a Party

First Birthday

By: Trisha Bautista

These days, many first birthday parties can be comparable to a debut or even a wedding, what with the amount of money needed to fun a big birthday bash with hundreds of guests. After all, first birthdays are an important milestone and much cause for celebration (even if the celebrant won’t remember it). If you don’t feel like throwing a party, however, it doesn’t mean you’re not celebrating! Here are six other ways to celebrate this important family milestone:

1. Go on a vacation away from the city.

This is an easy choice if you have the budget for it. Plan a vacation for your little family, but pick a location that’s baby-friendly (read: no theme parks!). Head to the beach or mountains so your baby can explore and appreciate nature. Since your baby is at the sensory age, he’ll love exploring the textures of sand, grass, water, and fresh air.

2. Go on a staycation.

Don’t have the time or budget to getaway from the city? Book a staycation at a hotel or Air bnb. If you don’t have regular access to a pool, make sure to stay at a place that gives you access to one. Order in and just have a lazy weekend with your family, and devote all your attention to your baby on his special day.

3. Have professional family portraits taken.

What better way to celebrate a milestone than by documenting it with beautiful photos? Go all out by booking a professional photographer, settling on a theme for the shoot, even getting a prop stylist and makeup artist if you want it to be extra special. You can also book a photographer to come to your house for photos, to immortalize these special moments as a family in your own home.

4. Have a baby-and-parents day

Observe your baby. Is he into music? Take him to a Kindermusik class or outdoor concert and bring the whole family. Does he love crawling or running around and exploring? Take him to a kiddie gym like Gymboree to give him all the space he needs. Does he love bath time? Take him swimming so he can splash to his heart’s content. Have a special baby-friendly meal to complete the little celebration!

5. Have a family lunch at home

A party doesn’t have to mean hundreds of guests with a caterer, expensive venue, games, programs, and the like—costing you tens and even hundreds and thousands of pesos. Have a simple weekend merienda at home, and keep the guest list to immediate family only. Serve simple fast food and party staples like spaghetti—that way, you don’t even have to order ahead!

6. Blow a special cake

At the end of the day, a first birthday is an important milestone that can be made special no matter what you choose to do. If you want to keep it really simple, even just getting a cute, customized birthday cake can be cause for celebration. After all, who says you need a party to get a fancy cake? You’ll enjoy watching your baby attempt to blow his first cake, and singing the birthday song with the people you love most. Don’t forget to document the moment!

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Trisha Bautista is a writer, editor, and PR practitioner with articles published in many of the country’s top magazines and lifestyle websites. She’s a mother to an eight months-old baby boy, and is constantly trying to find the time to stay fit and healthy while balancing married life, motherhood, career, and a social life. She enjoys discovering health, fitness, beauty, and shopping hacks to maximize time and money, and loves the occasional wine night.


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