No Nanny No Problem. Here’s What I Loved About My First Day Care Experience


By: Patricia Gonzalez

One year ago, I found myself in a what any working mother would call a nightmare situation. I lost both my nannies, one after the other in the span of a month. As a mother of 2 children under 2 years old juggling 2 part-time jobs, and a small but growing business, this was highly problematic. So I did what any Filipino mother would do–I turned to family, and we temporarily moved into the home of my in-laws.

However, this move did not mean that I had instant caregivers. While there were plenty of people willing to help, I couldn’t assume that they would be available to watch over my kids while I worked. Thus, when I heard about a newly opened Day Care 20 minutes from their home, I was absolutely ecstatic.

1. The daycare provided a number of activities which offered a stimulating learning environment for my toddlers. Among these were reading time, arts and crafts, music and movement, and sports….formative activities they would not have any access to if just at home with the nanny.

2. The daycare provided my daughters with “classmates” close to their ages, giving them opportunities for the development of social skills, and a chance to make new friends.

3. The daycare was run by parents themselves, who have had at least 15 years of experience working with the youth. In fact, they put up a daycare precisely because the are new parents as well. They knew their son was too young for school, but also that they wanted him to learn through play. Thus, I knew my children were in the hands of people I could trust.

4. The daycare had flexible schedules and packages that I could opt to adjust. Unlike playschool, I had more options in terms of the number of hours I could leave my children, as well as on the particular days of the week they would be at the daycare. As a freelancer, each week looked different for me, and their flexible arrangement was a huge help to our family.

5. The daycare’s rates were very affordable. It wasn’t quite the price of a play school, but in my opinion offered much more value for the money we were paying. I was paying less for 4 hours of activities than 45 minutes of an expensive session at another program my daughter had joined previously.

There are very few daycares in Manila, mainly because it costs less to hire a full-time nanny. And while nannies (and household help in general) are a big help to any family with young children, finding one you can trust, and one that is willing to stay is no small feat.

The daycare was such an answered prayer at a time I really needed it. I truly hope this means we’ll have more of them in Manila. My experience with Futbol Funatics Day Care Club certainly set the bar high.

For more information about the Futbol Funatics Day Care Club, you may visit their website at and LIKE their facebook page at Futbol Funatics Day Care Club.


Patricia Gonzalez is MOMCENTER’s Editor. She has two adorable daughters–ages 1 and 2, and is married to a man who inspires her to be a better woman everyday.

Beyond her work as a writer, she also an entrepreneur and manages the PR, marketing, and social media of two of her own local clothing brands, @coralswimwearph and @pearlclothingph.

She is a woman on a mission, and believes that motherhood is not limiting, but empowering. Join her on her journey by following her on instagram at @patriciaogonzalez.


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