FREE TRIAL at Musikhaus This Whole Month of September!


Hey Mums!

Musikhaus is open for free trials every Tuesday for the whole month of September! Read about and choose from the two programs below and sign up now!

10am Musikhaus Bubbles (ages 2 to 3)
11am Musikhaus Babies (0 to 24 months old)
For bookings and inquiries, please call 0361481886.

Musikhaus Bubbles (ages 2 to 3)

A preview of some activities carried out in the Musikhaus Bubbles program. This program is available in Mandarin and/or English.Every weekly lesson plan is non-sequential. (This means you can join in anytime) A different musical focus is allocated for each weekly session as per their respective themes. Kids will not just enhance their musicality but also their development in speech, language and vocabulary (in Mandarin or English) as per the program’s theme.Parents accompany their child to learn the best way to enhance the baby’s development by recognising the window period of brain developmental milestones. The lessons learnt in class will be reinforced at home through daily experiential learning,healthy ritual and lots of communication.No homework is expected.

Musikhaus Babies (0 to 24 months old)

Musikhaus Babies provides an engaging experience of learning and bonding with your child through creative movement, story time, baby signing, pitching & listening activities,and object/ instrument exploration. Each 45-min session is accompanied by an adult and conducted weekly with the aim to engage the baby’s auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning patterns as well as stimulating their social, emotional, physical and language development while enhancing their musicality. With the use of universal sign language this program is conducted in English. A Mandarin version, to be launched soon, will facilitate a multi-lingual learning environment.


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