How to Make Major Decisions as Moms


Moms make numerous decisions every day that will directly affect her family and her household. She often decides on how money is spent, what food is served, and generally dictates the atmosphere of the home. There are some decisions however that are more important than others….such as where her family should live, what school or daycare her children should attend, or even if she should pursue full time work or not. These decisions are both difficult and daunting. How can a woman know that she is making the right one?

1. She is not just thinking of herself. When making a decision that will affect the entire family, she cannot just be thinking of her own emotional, physical, intellectual or spiritual needs. She must consider the welfare of all affected members of her household.

2. She has considered other options. Before making any major decision, she must do her research and consider other options. No stone must be left unturned when making a decision that will affect her entire family. If too many options causes too much confusion, then she can opt to give herself a deadline for making the decision so as not to waste too much time on considering several options.

3. She has discussed this with her spouse/partner. Parenting and/or marriage involves a partnership of some form, which is why the option of her partner must be considered when she is making a major decision. He is sure to provide valuable input and another perspective on the decision being considered.

4. She has considered long term and short term effects. Looking beyond the current circumstances and considering the long term effects of the relationship is also very important. What may work for the short term, may have negative effects in the long run. It is always helpful to ask, “how will this affect my family within the next 5 years?” Will the good brought about by these changes outweigh the good?


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