3 Family Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we’re sure that a lot of moms are now thinking of ways to celebrate this special day. It’s easier to go out for dinner when it’s just going to be you and hubby. Nowadays, however, it’s hard to get someone to take care of your children so better include them in the celebration. After all, Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration of love between husband and wife, but a celebration of love in every form. Oh, my heart just fluttered with that last phrase!

Here are some ways on how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with the whole family:

1) Be in love and celebrate Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your own home

With time in your favor, prepare a sumptuous meal for the whole family. Don’t forget the special linens and classy tableware to set the mood. Candles would surely make it more romantic.

Get the children involved in the preparation and let them put love in what they are doing. If dinner preparation is out of the question, ring the family’s favorite food chain for delivery. Bring out the sweet cake or ice cream after dinner and let everyone indulge in great food, hearty laughs, and in the whole family’s loving company.

2) Go out and celebrate love in a fancy restaurant

Some moms do not have the luxury of time to prepare dinner and set-up a Valentine’s Day themed table. If you know a restaurant that serves food that the whole family would enjoy, make a reservation and invite the whole family to a surprise Valentine’s dinner.

You can also get suggestions from the husband and the kids on where to eat, but never ever forget to make a reservation! It’s Valentine’s Day and a lot of lovebirds or families would be out to celebrate. Also, try calling for an early dinner reservation so you won’t be out with everyone at the same time. Be mindful of the city traffic!

A wonderful dinner at your favored restaurant would have everyone going home with a happy tummy and a relaxed mood. Especially for the moms, no more aftermath cleaning! This would give you more energy for a hubby time later!

3) Feel the serenity and be relaxed in nature’s love

Have a late Valentine’s Day celebration to avoid the busy road and restaurants. Go out on the weekend and have a picnic at a park or take a quick trip to the beach. Let everyone enjoy the loving companion of the whole family and be one with nature. There’s no better feeling than being with your loved ones and celebrating love with the finest ambiance of nature.

Go ahead and celebrate love, dear mothers! Just be reminded that we don’t have to put up with society’s pressure on the celebration. Valentine’s Day is recognizing and appreciating the love of your family. The fancy dinner and other stuff are just icing on the cake.


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