Sharing is Caring – 4 Baby Products Mummy Can Share With Her Child


Us mums know a lot about sharing – we share our time and energy with our babies from the day they were born, and even wisdom and knowledge as they grow up. But these are not the only things we can share with our babies. In fact, here are 4 baby products that we mums can also use:

1.    Baby Powder

Are you practising confinement or any method of postpartum care that forbids you to wash your hair for a certain period, or is your hair in need of freshening up? Say goodbye to greasy locks and use your little one’s powder as a dry shampoo. You can lightly sprinkle powder to your roots and comb it out until it disappears. The baby powder will absorb excess oil and give you fresh and full-bodied hair. You can also use baby powder to keep body sweat and grease away.

2.    Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are every mum’s best friend – not only does it clean baby’s icky hands, poo, and mess, but it’s also a great makeup remover. Most baby wipes are mild and gentle – suitable for baby’s sensitive skin and perfect for mama’s face. At the same time, the mild oil present in most baby wipes can effectively break down makeup and refresh the face during hot days.

3.    Baby Wash

Some soaps can contain an enormous amount of harsh ingredients, so baby soaps and washes that are specially formulated to care for baby’s skin are better to use from their infancy well until the toddler stage. However, mums can also share and benefit from the gentle yet effective nourishing powers of baby washes such as Johnson’s® Milk + Oats Bath and Johnson’s® Milk + Rice Bath. Both baby washes are clinically proven mild, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and free of dyes, soaps, and parabens.

 4. Baby Lotion

If you are trying to shift into a more chemical-free lifestyle and at the same time, save a few Ringgits, then another product you can use from your child’s vanity is baby lotion. Baby lotions are mild, non-greasy, and do not have any harsh smells – making it the perfect choice to care and nourish mum’s skin. Johnson’s® Milk + Oats Lotion and Johnsons® Milk + Rice Lotion are clinically proven mild, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and free of dyes, soaps, and parabens. Both products can restore dry skin and provide immediate relief from any discomfort caused by skin dryness.

Johnson’s® Milk Bath and Lotion (Oat or Rice variation) all have the nourishing power of essential milk proteins and oats or rice – ensuring that both mother and child enjoy safe and gentle cleansing, and well-moisturised and nourished skin. In fact, you can get baby-soft skin in as fast as 14 days. Truly, best for baby, best for you.

With 125 years of experience in caring for baby’s skin, Johnson’s® Baby is a unique brand that is shared between both mothers and children. The brand has continuously sought to understand baby skin over the years to develop and produce products that are mild and gentle – perfect for baby’s and also mom’s skin.

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