Amazing Development Your Developing Baby Goes Through in Your Womb


Congratulations new mummy! If you’ve just confirmed your pregnancy with those two red lines or with a visit to your OB, then we’re sure that you’re pretty much excited to welcome your little one soon. But before holding your little one in your arms, did you know that your little one is also doing amazing things inside your warm and cozy womb? So what is the little bubba up to? Here are just a few:

  1. Only 3 weeks and 1 day after fertilisation – the heart begins to beat1. Your little one’s heart beat as fast as yours2, beating at a rate of 120-160bpm compared to an average healthy adult’s 60-100bpm.6
  2. A one-month-old embryo is 10,000 times bigger than its original size at conception.3 While Mummy is busy dealing with morning sickness, your little one is busy growing. From an embryo, he or she enters the fetal period at week 8 and grows more in terms of cell size and number. By week 16, he or she gains about 200 grams of weight7.
  3. A one-month-old embryo has already formed 3 primary brain parts.4 It is safe to say that at this early stage of pregnancy, your little one’s heart and brain are already developing rapidly. In fact, at 3 weeks, the brain begins to divide itself into its 3 fundamental sections – the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain.
  4. Touch is the first sense to develop.5 Your little one responds to the touch of lips and cheeks at 8 weeks, and to its other body parts at 14 weeks. The sense of taste then follows at 12 weeks, and sound at around 22 to 24 weeks5. This means your little one can feel things, and can respond to it by a change in heart rate or environment.

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