Style Tips from Marion Caunter + Quick Mummy Pick-Me-Ups

Exerting a bit of effort on her appearance can do wonders for every mum's mood and confidence. So here are a few quick and simple pick-me-up ideas 😉


By: Katherine Marfal-Teves

Even if you’re already a mum, you should still strive to look your best. This is the message that fashion figure and entrepreneur-mum Marion Caunter want to tell all hardworking and loving mummas out there.

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Marion is a hair salon owner and she’s also highly visible at high-fashion events. So it’s quite a norm to see her flaunting stylish outfits and perfectly-styled hair. But outside of work, she spends quality time with her loving husband, and three adorable children– five-year-old Leia Rose, three-year-old Lana Rose, and one-year-old Liam Naza.

Her Instagram page shows her looking as stylish as ever in both work and home environments. Sounds like an impossible task? Well, don’t worry, because here are a few style inspirations that we can get from Marion:

Express yourself through fashion. Just like Marion, one way we can express our uniqueness is through our clothes. Marion says, “I don’t necessarily have a style identity. I just love fashion and experimenting. It’s a way of expressing myself. There are no hard and fast rules. Just go with it and have fun. Take risks every now and then. Some people are going to love your look, some aren’t. You can’t please them all. As long as you feel good, you will rock it.

Wear high waist flare pants. You’ve probably noticed that Marion often wear high waist flare pants, and you’ve seen how this piece flatters her figure perfectly. Well, here’s the good news: It can also look good on you, even if you’re not blessed with long legs. These pants will make your legs look long and will also flatter your silhouette.

If unsure, wear black. A black dress or black tee, paired with exciting accessories can easily make your simple outfit, stylish and elegant—another styling hack we learned from stalking Marion’s Instagram.

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Put on a jacket. Even on an extremely busy workday, you can still rock your outfit by either putting on a blazer or a denim or leather jacket. Just look how Marion rocks her denim jacket.

Stun in red. Every mum or woman for that matter can look as gorgeous as Marion when they wear red. So go ahead, and flaunt that red dress on your date night with hubby.

Caunter believes that mums should always find time to dress up. For her, it serves as a wonderful break from all the chores and responsibilities that come with being a mum. She hates it when mums say that they don’t have time for themselves, “because you can always make time,” she says.

Quick Pick-Me-Ups for Mums

There’s nothing wrong when a mum exerts a bit of effort to improve her appearance so that’ she’ll also feel good about herself. This might even help her become a better mum and homemaker. So, here are a few quick tips on how us mums can look and feel better:

Get a new hairstyle or hair colour. Something new and fresh is always a great way to improve your appearance. Consult fashion magazines or ask your trusted hairdresser for the kind of hairstyle and hair colour that will best suit you.

Upgrade your makeup kit. Have you been using the same shade of lipstick for a long time now? If yes, then it might be time to replace it with another shade you haven’t tried before. Just make sure to do a shade test before you select a particular lipstick shade. A complete makeup kit is essential for mums, so they can easily do a quick makeup look whenever needed or whenever they feel like it.

Consider changing your fashion style. Your fashion style may have been outdated by now if you haven’t bought new fashion pieces for a few months or so.  So spoil yourself a little and shop for new clothes.

Get a full body scrub or massage. Treat yourself to a day of pampering with a full body massage or body scrub every now and then. It’s a good way to take a break from the pressures of parenting and keep your body revitalised.

Exercise and eat healthy. If you have already forgotten to include daily exercise and healthy eating in your routine, don’t hesitate to bring them back again. These habits will not only make you feel good, but it can also work wonders for your overall health.

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Katherine Marfal-Teves is a staff writer and mom to a smart and loving 4-year-old boy. She believes that raising a son is both an honor and adventure.


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