Scha Alyahya on the Importance of Skincare for Kids + Tips from Experts

Get the lowdown on how to properly care for your child's skin from Scha Alyahya and other skincare experts 😉


By: Katherine Marfal-Teves

Model, TV host, actress, and mum Scha Alyahya puts great importance on using the proper skincare for her 3-year-old daughter Lara.

“I am discovering different milestones as Lara grows. I have learned that in addition to eating and sleeping well, taking care of her skin is also a significant part of her health,” Scha said.

“I have peace of mind knowing that the products I use on Lara are not just mild and gentle but also specially formulated for toddlers. I want other mothers to have that peace of mind as well,” Scha said.

In order to have the same peace of mind that your child’s skin is receiving the proper care and nourishment that it needs, here are some skincare tips from skin experts:

  1. Use mild products. An officer for a multinational skincare company said, “toddler’s skin is still growing. It’s important to use products that are mild and specially formulated for them.” Furthermore, she added that family wash can dry out the skin of a toddler, so it should never be used on a toddler’s skin.
  2. Identify your toddler’s skin allergens. Oftentimes, you might be unaware of chemicals or substances that can damage your toddlers’ skin, so it’s best to have it checked right away. This way, you can be sure that you will not use products that can damage your child’s skin.
  3. Keep your child away from dirt and dust. A filthy environment might cause skin infections so it’s best to keep your general surroundings clean. Heat and humidity, wool, fabric, and moulds can also infect your child’s skin, so it’s advisable to distance your kids from such irritants.
  4. A daily bath is good for your child’s skin. “Bathing every day is fine, and will not dry out the skin,” Pediatrician and board-certified Dermatologist Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse said. “On sweaty, dirty days, wash all over with soap. On clean days, when using the bath as part of a relaxing, bedtime ritual, just wash the stinky parts.” She added that it’s better to use warm water and unscented fragrance in bathing your toddler.
  5. Use cream over lotion and apply sunscreen. To moisturise your toddler’s skin, it’s better to use cream instead of lotion because the former is less likely to evaporate.

“Moisturisers should be applied within the first 3 minutes after toweling off after the bath and before getting into pajamas, to help lock in the moisture from the bath,” Dr. Shainhouse explained.

Sunscreen must also be applied daily to protect the toddler’s skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Just make sure to use sunscreen that is designed for toddlers’ delicate skin.

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