Calm Birth, Calm Baby Seminar August 2018


Date: August 19, 2018

Time: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Venue: Ara Eventhall, Gaya Melawati

Fee: RM250 per Couple


(+) How to birth without fear?
(+) How our body works to birth the baby
(+) Managing contractions naturally and effectively
(+) Exercises and labor positions
(+) Selecting the best supplement during pregnancy and breastfeeding
(+) Breastfeeding basics and importance of skin-to-skin at birth
(+) Baby from 0-4 months can cry to communicate their physical needs – Dunstan Baby Language
(+) Learn the correct way to change diapers to prevent colic
(+) Learn the way to burp, bath and change the clothes of a newborn
(+) Learn safe sleep practice and ways to put baby to sleep
(+) Bonding with baby massage
(+) How to stock up your breastmilk before entering work
(+) What is vaccination and how it can protect your baby
(+) Living naturally with essential oils

And many others! This seminar cum workshop is going to be a fun one with all parents having a chance to practice all skills.

Find tickets here.


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