Mummy Travels: Must-Haves for a Trip with Your Toddler

Holidaying with your kiddo? Here are a few items you should bring to make your mummy-life easier 😉


What used to be a single carry-on luggage simply triples when traveling with little kids. From challenging in-flight entertainments (a.k.a adorable yet cranky fits of fear or sleepiness), boredom during long drives, and non-stop running around during meal stopovers, there are actually ways to get both you and your tots through what should be another memorable trip for the books.

Packing too much of the wrong things not only bulks up your load but could also derail the fun out of the learning escapade. The journey should just be as beautiful as the destination. Here are some mummy-approved travel buddies you might want to consider before embarking on your next family adventure!

 1. On-the-Go Booster Seat

Your kids can get firsthand immersion on one’s culture with food. The good news is, feeding time wherever can get a whole lot easier! A booster seat that doubles as an extra storage space is a plus when traveling with a baby or a toddler. Benbat YummiGo2 Booster Seat conveniently folds into a trendy bag you can carry when eating out. It’s easy to set-up and clean up – and adds more quality time with your child during meal time!


 2. Ride-On Luggage

Your little big helpers just love to push the trolley and luggage for you, don’t they? Or are they really just in it for a ride? Give them a sense of supervised independence during travels by packing their toys, snacks, and extra clothes in a luggage they could ride on! Trunki keeps the little ones mobile and entertained alongside you. It also saves you a lot of strength from carrying your toddlers for long distances.


 3. Travel Dining Set

For hectic travel itineraries, meal times can be quite rushed and spontaneous, not to mention the out-of-home preparation you ensure for your child. Pack on the Oxo Tot essentials and enjoy less messy, hygienic, and space-saving recess with the kids: a Flippy Snack Cup to keep finger food contained while on the move, a OXO Tot Bib & Spoon Set that go well together for little ones who practice independent feeding, and a OXO Tot Grow Straw Cup that allows for leak-proof water breaks.

4. Sanitation Station

For bottle-fed kids, packing on a lot of feeding bottles can stack up on your baggage. Why not bring a bottle or two and have Oxo Tot’s On-the-Go Drying Rack with Bottle Brush to act as your all-in-one cleaning set away from home? This also comes in handy for cleaning and drying pump parts if you’re nursing. Its compact size also allows for easy tucking into diaper bags and even handbags for your quick side trips!

5. Wipes Dispenser

While this is certainly a travel staple, add a little more convenience to your usual wipes dispenser. The On-the Go Wipes Dispenser with Diaper Pouch can be strapped securely to a stroller or diaper bag for quick access during nappy changes or emergency messes! Its one-handed push button helps you hasten the clean-up, too.

To stock up on these travel must-haves, you can visit Sharing Babyland, Button & Wheel, or any baby shop near you. So go ahead and take that much-needed vacay with your kiddo, mama!


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