First Aid for Parents 101: How to Manage Your Kids’ Bites, Cuts, and Bruises

What does a mum have to do when her kid gets bites, cuts, and bruises? Don’t panic and follow these first aid tips 😉


Us mums are no strangers to worrying. From newborn to toddler to kids, we can’t help but fret over every small red spot, scratch, and bruise. But we also have to accept that babies and kids will get hurt, no matter how proactive or protective we might be. So what do us mums have to do? Comfort them and treat them in the best way we know how.

Just like any tropical country, Malaysia can be a heaven for mosquitoes. And sadly, these flying bloodsuckers seem to favor babies more than anything. The main reason for this might be because mosquitoes like hot temperatures and babies generally have a higher body temperature due to their high metabolic rate. 

So even if we use mosquito nets, screens, or anti-mosquito patches, chances are, our babies will still get those itchy red spots. And since babies’ skin is very sensitive and they couldn’t help themselves from scratching, mosquito bites can go from red spots to inflamed ones in a jiffy.

We can alleviate our babies’ discomfort over mosquito bites by using a child friendly mosquito/insect bite cream in the area to provide relief from itchiness. Always ensure that the products you’ll use is safe to use for your baby’s age.

Growing from a curious little explorer with cute pudgy legs into an active school-age kid who loves physical activities, it’s no surprise if they tend to gain a few bruises along the way. Aside from dealing with a bit of heartache and worry over every time our kids fall, we also sometimes have to deal with their tears over their painful bruises from the fall. Bruises result from damaged capillaries, can be painful, especially when pressure is applied.

When it comes to kids’ bruises, most parents would prefer traditional remedies such as a hard-boiled egg or ice pack to temporarily relieve pain caused by the bruise. Or a better solution is by using topical medication specially designed for bruises.

Aside from bruises, growing up kids are sure to get their share of cuts and scrapes. No childhood is ever complete without it. It’s best for us parents to not panic at the sight of our kids’ blood. Manage the wound properly by cleaning the wound under running water and gently pat dry followed by antiseptic product to manage inflammation.

Bottom line is, our kids are likely to get their share of mosquito bites, cuts, and bruises no matter how careful we are. It’s all part and parcel each milestone and of growing up. What’s important is for us mums to give them the love, support, and guidance after each fall.

However, there is only so much we can do to protect our loved ones. Unexpected accidents are indeed a mother’s worst nightmare—for moments like this, it’s always best to come prepared.

Having a well-equipped first aid kit will be able to help parents, to manage and handle any emergency at a moment’s notice. A-Range offers safe and effective products for mosquito bites, bruises, cuts, and wounds.

Their product range includes:

  • A-Bite: A mosquito/insect bite relief cream that provides relief from itchiness. It does not contain any menthol or camphor, making it safe even for babies aged 3 months old and above. (D Konstantinov, MD, L Stanoeva, MD, S J Yawalkar, MD, DVD, 19791
  • A-Bruzzy: A topical medication designed for bruise and sprains. It is gel-based medication that can easily absorbed by skin and hence no rubbing is needed (no pain application).
  • A-Septic AS: An antiseptic gel for cuts and abrasion.




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