Mom Hacks: How to Make the Most out of Kiddie Sales


Just before school bells start ringing again, make sure you get first dibs on kiddie essentials especially on special sale events. To score big loots on children’s fairs, here are some quick hacks you can consider.

Note the necessities. One trick to bag awesome finds on sales is to plan ahead. What are some of things the little one urgently needs – school supplies, sleepwear, a new pair of slippers, or maybe even a birthday gift for a friend? Make a to-buy list according to priority. That way, you won’t have to spend so much time scouring through racks and shelves for something that is not yet needed anyway. More for your time and money!

Upsize. Kids are not going to stay in the same age for long. At the time of the sale, go a size or two bigger than your child’s current fit. It’s a smart cheat on purchasing quality products at a low cost. Remember to buy upsized basics and classics more than trendy pieces though – some styles run out of fashion!


Tag along. Surely, retail therapy is more of a me-time activity than a chore, but it would help if your older kids would participate – children who can already communicate their tastes and picks. This is a major time-saver. There will be less decisions to make since someone’s already making them! It’s fun to give kids a little independence to express who they are in what they want to wear or own.

Plan your budget. If you’re a serious shopper, then you’ve got to have a strict yet fluid budget for sale events. You don’t want to splurge on unnecessary things or cut the expenses for actual needs. A quick pep talk with your children before swinging to the mall won’t hurt. Discussing your budget and schedule to your kids would be helpful in bagging more store finds together.

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