6 Skin Care and Makeup Tips for Busy Mamas

Pak ang kilay -- kahit na nanay na! And why not? Your makeup will surely stay on point with these tips 😉


When you’re a mom, spending time on skincare and make-up feels more like a luxury than a routine. With a house to keep, children and husband to care for, a career and side hustle to work on, following a beauty routine can feel like a chore. But hey, you deserve to feel – and look! – beautiful. Check out these skin care tips and makeup hacks for busy moms that can help you achieve winning looks in no time. 

Invest in double duty products

A 10-step Korean skincare sounds nice, but hey – ain’t nobody got time for that! One of the best quick beauty routine tips for moms is this: go for double duty products. Save time waiting for the moisturizer to dry up just so you can apply the next product by opting for moisturizers with sunscreen, or tinted moisturizers for that extra coverage. 

Lip tints are your new BFFs

Thank the powers that be for the geniuses who created lip tints. This holy grail beauty product is a life-saver for moms. Moms can do without the usual rummaging of bags just to find lipstick, blush, and eye shadow. With lip tints, you can get your lips, cheeks, and eyes covered. A few swipes can go a long way!

Consider an eyelash extension

As a mom, you’re surely used to long days and longer nights. #Mombie. However, no one has to know that. With eyelash extensions, you can – despite the exhaustion – still wake up gorgeous. Another plus? Eyelash extensions can help you skip the time you spend on eyeliners, liquid liners, and mascara. Lash extensions are the perfect addition for busy moms. 

Follow a Versatile Skin Care Routine

The great thing about skin care routines for moms is that they’re always versatile – you can totally multitask while you pamper your skin. Don’t limit skin care only for the morning and evening. Create a skincare ritual that works around your daily routines, too. Enjoy a face mask while arranging your kids’ toys; apply some nourishing lip balm while answering emails; allow that blackhead strip to dry out while reading bedtime stories. Be creative with your schedule. 

Make mommy buns classier

There are so many easy and cute hairstyles for moms, but nothing can beat the mommy bun. Considered as the official hairstyles of moms-on-the-go, mommy buns are easy to do. Make your mommy bun look a little more special by adding flair to it. Add hair clips, cute headbands, and classy bandanas to your regular mom bun to make it look a little put-together. 

Keep a dry shampoo in handy

Your busy schedule may make you feel like washing hair is another luxury for another day. If you’re in a hurry and you need to give your hair some love, use a dry shampoo. Dry shampoos for moms-on-the-go can strip the oil off your hair all while giving your locks a refreshing smell. 

When the going gets tough, go for red lipstick and mascara

When you need to look extra dolled up without sacrificing precious time, you can always rely on a bold, red lipstick and mascara to make you look ready and prepped up for the day. 

Indulging in skin care and makeup may not be on top of your list anymore, but that shouldn’t mean you should completely scratch it off your to-do list. You can follow these quick, easy beauty tips to help you look and feel beautiful for your mom-tasks ahead. 


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