How To Prepare for a C-Section Delivery

Emergency or planned, better get ready!


Whether you’re a mom preparing for the possibility of a Caesarean delivery or a mom getting ready for her scheduled C-section birth, planning for this major operation can help ready your body and emotions before, during, and after childbirth. Knowing what to include in a birth plan, what to put inside your hospital bag, and how to prepare your home for your post-Ceasarean recovery can help make your C-section experience a little better. Be ready for a CS birth anytime with these tips on how to prepare for your C-section delivery.

How do I prepare a C-section birth plan?

Creating a C-Section birth plan can ease your anxiety and worries, especially during delivery time. In your birth plan, write down the essentials you want during your pregnancy and the birth. Some items you can add to your birth plan include: 

  • The names of the people you want to accompany you during childbirth;
  • Bringing a camera (ask the hospital’s guideline for this first!);
  • Music to be played during delivery;
  • First hug and delayed cord clamping; and
  • If you want to have the baby with you right after delivery.

Childbirth is also about making sure the mom is emotionally and mentally ready for the process. Creating a birthing plan can help ease your discomforts, and make your birthing experience a pleasant memory. 

What do I need to put in my hospital bag?

When packing for your hospital bag, add several items that can help you before and after C-section. If you’re wondering what to include in a hospital bag for C-section, here are some items to remember:

  • Phones – You will be needing it for documentation and entertainment purposes!
  • A shawl or a dressing gown to provide you some privacy while the baby breastfeeds;
  • Comfortable clothes that do not add pressure to the wound;
  • Maternity pads;
  • Wipes to keep you fresh before you are okay to take a bath;
  • Extra pillows;
  • Comfortable slippers or shoes; and
  • Chewing gum or peppermint oil to help you pass gas easily.

How do I prepare our home for post-CS recovery?

After a C-section procedure, it’s expected that your movement will be limited. It’s important to make the home easy to navigate in. Some of the adjustments you need to make include:

  • Bring the most essential items closer to the bedside or the nursery.
  • Prepare enough pillows on chairs and the bed.
  • Store enough pain-relievers.
  • If you are allergic to dust, ask help to clean your home thoroughly as sneezing and coughing are painful during the first few weeks. 

Should I shave?

If you’re wondering if shaving down there is needed before a CS-operation, know that it’s completely optional. 

How long should I fast?

Doctors would usually advise CS moms not to eat 6 to 8 hours before the procedure. A midwife, or a care provider usually confirms this in the hospital. 

How do I calm my jitters?

Getting anxious before a C-section is pretty normal since it’s a major operation. To relax and help you calm your mind before the operation, practice some breathing exercises, talk with a person you trust to reassure you, and remember that it’s a safe way of bringing out your baby in this world. 

C-section births are not easy, but enough preparation can pave the way to a smooth, memorable, and enjoyable experience. CS moms, you got this!


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