Non-Toys Christmas Gift Suggestions for Your Kids

Do your kids have every toy they could ever want? Then maybe you can consider these other Christmas gift options 😉


We can almost feel Christmas…that special time of love and giving. As we celebrate the birth of the Holy Child, Jesus, we also celebrate kids. Because, as everyone knows, Christmas is the season for kids.

Kids, especially the younger ones, may not yet have a full understanding of the meaning of Christmas. For them, Christmas would mean gifts! Some kids would even have a wish list or a list of gifts that they would want to receive on Christmas and it is not uncommon to see ‘toys’ in those wish lists.

It’s rather easy to buy toys – a lot of which can just be found anywhere, especially during the Christmas season. You’ll hear of toy sales here and there. But come to think of it, there might be better things to give our kids and godchildren this year than toys.

Here are some non-toy gift ideas that you might want to think of:

Experience gifts or activity gifts

Purchase vouchers or tickets to a museum, a game, a play area, or any outdoor activity. The gift may not be tangible but it is the experience and fun that they will be looking forward to.

Gift certificate for home activities

Create simple certificates that kids can use at home for some unusual privileges like extended TV time, family sleepover in the living room, or even getting to decide what to have for dinner. Let’s be lenient and give them freedom once in a while.

Class enrolment

Enrol your kid in a class that you know he/she is interested in like ballet, basketball, football, piano lesson, etc. Your kid will surely be delighted! Your Christmas gift to your kid is not just the experience, but a load of learning as well.

Scheduled tour

Check with your husband and free up a common date in your calendars. Take your kids out on a tour, may it be around the city or in another province. For sure, your kids will remember the time that you spent with them and the experience of being in a new place with their parents.

Scheduled camping

Plan out a camping trip with the whole family! Plan a trip somewhere safe to put out the tent and enjoy the night sky. Seeing numerous stars and feeling the cold night breeze with the family is surely one for the books!

Art box

If your kid is an artsy one, then an art box is a sure treat for them. Look for a sturdy box that has a design suited for your kid, even a hard carton box will do. Fill it up with art materials like bond papers, colored papers, colorful markers, tapes, glue (try those fancy colored glues), stickers, colorful popsicle sticks, etc.

It is very likely that kids would always want toys for Christmas, but open their minds to consider that presents can also be other things! Experiences would last a lifetime, as compared to toys that could break or could sometimes be left in the shelf after being played with for a time. This Christmas, let’s try to give them something more meaningful than toys. But most importantly, let’s not forget to teach them the real meaning of Christmas, with or without gifts.


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