4 Tips for a Picture-Perfect Family Christmas Card

Deck your halls with pretty Holiday fam photos, thanks to these tips 😉


Every Christmas Eve up until New Year’s Day, social media feeds are filled with portraits of families extending their virtual Christmas and holiday greetings to families and friends. Others even use their family portraits as greeting cards or gift cards. If you’re still looking for ideas on how to do your family portrait, here are some you can consider.

Go Classic

You can never go wrong with classics. Take a family photo by the Christmas tree, at the dinner table, on the sofa or in your favorite corner of the house. Now what to wear? You can wear your Sunday’s best, matching scarves (and pretend to be enjoying winter) or why not go from the usual reds and greens to white or pastel?

Go Outdoors

Take advantage of the benefits of our tropical country and take your photos outdoors. We may not have snow or autumn colors to boast of, but we have plenty of greens that look lovely on photos. Remember your prenup shoot at the park, in Intramuros or a garden? Why not recreate those shots with your family?

Woke Up Like This

You can be a little bit creative and do a woke-up-like-this look by taking a photo of the family all snuggled up in bed, tucked in a cozy white comforter. if you’re going on a staycation, the hotel bed would be perfect. If you feel your bed is not Instagram-worthy, then consider what some photo studios do… Stand-up against a wall, hold your blanket to your chest together with the rest of the family and pretend that you’re in bed. 

In Action

Let go of the typical planned and poised portraits. Hire a professional photographer, ask a friend or a family member to take photos of your family as you enjoy a day by the pool, in a ball pit, on the beach or even in an amusement park.

The possibilities are endless! Let your creativity take over. You do not need to have the biggest Christmas tree at home or a magazine-worthy living room to have the perfect family portrait. Remember that it’s those candid moments that genuinely show the love and joy of Christmas.


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