Keeping the Romance Alive with Kids — Quarantine Ed.

So, how do you keep your love alive while in quarantine at home with your kids? 😅


If you’re a parent who’s in quarantine with your kids and juggling housework, working from home, and managing the kids, then chances are date nights and uhm sexy time with your husband/partner might be the last things in your mind right now. But experts say that romance is still worth making time for, even at this time.

Obviously, our schedules are packed and there are days when time with each other is pretty much out of the question, but it’s also important to ensure that we know how each other is feeling and find ways to stay connected as a couple. If you feel that you and your partner need help in this aspect, then here are a few tips that might help you:

Set limits

To have time to stay connected with each other, you have to set limits as parents. Ensure that your kids — both young and old are given schedules and boundaries to follow, such as a set bedtime, set quiet times, or even set activity times. Then decide with your partner how much of your “alone time” will be spent on handling home concerns and chores and how much of it can be spent to enjoy each other.

Date at home

Once you’ve set aside time for each other, here are a few date-at-home ideas (if we can make working from home work, we can make date-at-home happen):

  • Cook-off challenge. You can boost each other’s spirits with a challenge, like a cook-off. You can even do it as a fun activity with your kids, then save the dessert for you two.
  • Have a game night. Here’s another challenge, bond over cool old-school board games that you both love.
  • Go on a throwback. Pull out those old photos and videos — even on Facebook, and just reminisce together.
  • Go on a movie-date in your living room. Pop some popcorn, turn off the lights, pick your movie, and cuddle. Kids are welcome to join during the early screening. But definitely couples only on the last full show.

Go on a group date

You can also go on a double date and stay connected with your other couple friends thanks to video calling apps. Sked a conference call with your friends, you can even include a Netflix screening, for just some good old adult hangout.

Go simple

If the week has you hammered then it’s ok to go simple. It can be a cup of coffee with each other, a few minutes of catching up in between conference calls, or a few jokes over meals. Try to look for a few minutes each day to talk to your partner and reassure them that you’re in this together.

Have sex

Sex might be the last thing in anyone’s mind during a pandemic but do remember that having sec has its advantages. It allows you the opportunity to be intimate with your partner, relieves stress, and even boosts your immune system. Just make sure to use protection if you’re not in baby-making mode.

Ultimately, taking the time and effort to nurture our relationships at home can make these unsettling times more bearable. So remember to say hi, smile, and kiss your partner.


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