Back-to-School: Creating an Effective Online Learning Study Area

Does your child have his study area this school year? 🙂

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Parents and kids are prepping for the upcoming school year. And unlike the previous years when we’re all too busy buying books, notebooks, and pencils, this year is a bit different. Since schooling this year will take place inside our homes, moms everywhere are busy looking for laptops and headphones and even setting up study rooms. But what exactly do we need to set up an effective study area for our kids?

For a lot of kids, doing their homework in the dining table or even in bed could work most of the time, but this setup might not work when it comes to online learning. But how do we set up a study area if we have a small home? Or if the budget is tight? Here are a few simple and easy tips that could help:

Create a study corner

If space is limited then a study corner could work instead of a study room. Besides, keeping young learners close at hand in the living area (or even the kitchen) where you can supervise their online learning while also doing household chores can also be sufficient.

Set up a study desk

Once you have identified your study corner, consider where you’ll place your study desk next. Since they will be attending online classes, consider the lighting and background. Choose a position with plenty of light, but the desk and computer or laptop should ideally be at a 90-degree angle to the window or light source to minimize reflection and prevent glare on the webcam. Desk and chair style will depend on your child and space available. But opt for a non-bulky desk that’s multi-functional or offers storage options.

Pick the right desk and chair for your child

Chances are, your child will spend a few hours on his study table and chair, in front of the laptop this school year. So it will be best to pick the right size and ergonomic table and chair for your child. To determine the correct chair and table height, consider the following:

  • Chair seat height:
    • Your child’s feet should be able to rest flat on the floor
    • Your child’s knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle when he’s sitting down
  • Table height:
    • Tabletops should be around 8 inches above the chair seat
    • The tabletop should not be above or the same height as your child’s chest

This is not to say that you have to buy a table and chair set for your child, you can also DIY or reappropriate what you have at home, just make sure to adjust it to your child’s size. For example, if the desk is still too high for your child, you can pad his chair with a cushion or flat pillow to boost his height.

Allocate a bin/trolley/bag for his school stuff

If you’ve been trawling mommy groups then chances are you’ve seen those 3-layer movable trolleys that moms seem to be obsessed with these days. Admittedly, it’s a good choice to store school supplies and other learning materials for your child, but it’s not a necessity (though it does look good). However, you will still need to give him a similar bin, trolley, or even bag wherein he can store all his school supplies and books at the end of each day. This will prevent him from misplacing books or pencils and even dealing with erasers or glue in your dining table. The bin/trolley/bag should be able to hold all his books and school supplies, can be placed beside his study corner, or maybe can be easily moved in case he wants to do his homework in another part of the house. You can even use his school trolley bag if he still has it. The important thing is that he knows that he should use it to pack up his stuff properly.

Involve your child

Ask your child for his input on his study corner design. Not only will this allow them to express their personality in the space, but involving him will also let him get excited about going back to school. Plus, sprucing up the space might be a great back-to-school project for him, which he can also share with his friends once school starts.

Good luck with your study corner project!


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