YouTube Learning: 7 Educational Channels for Your Kids

Mamas whose kids love YouTube, raise your 🙌🏻

Image Credit: Unsplash/Annie Spratt

We’re admitting it – we sometimes let our kids watch YouTube, gasp! But yes, there are just days when we moms need a few moments of peace or if it’s a particularly boring and rainy day, YouTube is our best friend.

And it seems as if YouTube will be our assistant this coming school year, especially if you have decided to go the independent homeschooling route and not enroll your child in a traditional school or homeschool provider. So since we’re already letting them watch the tube, let’s make it as educational (or even interactive) as possible, right? So here are a few educational YouTube channels you can let your kids watch.

Peekaboo Kidz

This channel features animated, fun, and easy-to-understand videos that are perfect for kids who love asking questions – because their videos answer them! Popular uploads include “How do wounds heal?”, “How antibiotics work?”, and “How does your immune system work?”


Kids Learning Tube

If you aim to focus on one topic per day, then Kids Learning Tube might be right for you and your child. Their videos feature one topic (and uploads are weekly) such as Earth Day, anxiety, and even the coronavirus. Their playlists are also divided into different categories, making it easier for you to look for the topics you want. Plus, it’s also perfect for young learners as their videos use original sing-along songs and animation, which make for a fun learning experience.


Lotty Learns

If you have a toddler or preschooler, then this channel is for you. Lotty Learns offers videos that teach kids shapes, colors, and even phonics and sight words. Popular uploads include letter blending, phonics, and sight words.


Homeschool Pop

Elementary-aged students will enjoy Homeschool Pop’s animated videos that tackle a wide variety of topics including art, geology or rocks, biographies, and even Spanish. Plus, their playlists and topics are arranged by year level, so us moms can easily pick out which ones to let our kids watch.


Smithsonian Channel

If your kids are interested in culture, history, and animals, then this channel will be right up their alley. Their videos are short yet interesting, which is perfect for our kids’ somewhat limited attention span.


The Art Assignment

If you’re looking for a bit of “extra-curricular” activity in your homeschooling, then you can consider the Art Assignment. The channel features videos on artists from different genres, insights into the art world, and even discussions on culture – perfect for older kids who are interested in anything related to art.


Netflix Jr.

Here’s another one for young kids – Netflix Jr. offers funny videos that feature the channel’s popular characters, including the StoryBots and the Super Monsters. Plus, their videos have catchy songs that also teach a variety of concepts.


Happy watching, mamas!


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