Starting from habit: Getting over the homework hurdle with your child

How are your kids’ homework habits? 🙂

Image Credit: Unsplash/Annie Spratt

No one likes to take work home — not us, or our children. But, with lockdowns keeping us at home, now all work is homework, and there is no way to keep pace with schoolwork other than making regular progress on homework. If you’re struggling with temper tantrums and faltering attention spans, here’s a few tips on getting into the swing of things and building a habit out of homework. 

Set a schedule

When it comes to forming new habits, a good routine is essential. Sit down with your child and draw up a timetable, designating a specific time for tackling homework. Set up a homework station in a location where your child finds it easy to focus. It should be away from distractions like the TV, and things like spare stationery, timers, fidget tools and other things your child needs to stay on task should be in easy reach. Build a habit so your child understands that once they are sitting at their homework station at that designated time, it’s time for focused work. 

Get the ball rolling

Some of us are slow starters, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of! If your child is struggling with getting started on their tasks — they might be overwhelmed by how much they have to do, or they might be scared of how difficult things look — sit with them for the first few minutes, to help break big tasks down into smaller, manageable bits with them. Get them to talk you through how they plan on tackling the first problem. Once they’ve built the confidence needed to get to work, things will go smoother. 

Let them handle it from here

Don’t do their work for them: Help them build problem-solving skills by asking how they plan to take on difficult tasks that they are struggling with. It might be by breaking things up, or by approaching their teachers or peers with questions. The biggest help you can give them is to foster an environment that enables them to handle their work independently — and they’ll stay self-empowered learners even when homework ends.

Building independent learners with KooBits

At KooBits, we understand how powerful everyday routine is to raising independent young learners who find joy in learning. It’s not about big achievements, but continuous small efforts — like 20 minutes of Maths everyday — that cumulate in eventual mastery. By helping your child establish a routine they can manage almost entirely on their own will help them build self-confidence, and positive outlook towards homework.


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