Going Out with Your Family in the New Normal

What precautions do you usually do when you're out and about with your kids these days, mamas? 🙂

Image Credit: Unsplash/Max Bender

It’s quite understandable to have some form of cabin fever, having been in some form of lockdown for the past few months. We’re antsy and itching to go anywhere aside from our garden or the grocery store. So now that businesses are reopening and restrictions are being lifted, we have to ask, is it safe to go out?

The pandemic is still not over but we also have to consider that getting outside can be a good idea for our family’s physical and mental health. The main point is, to do it safely. So here are a few reminders before you head outdoors with your family.

Don’t touch.

Be careful of what you touch when you venture outside and when you return home, especially if you live in residential buildings such as apartments and condominiums. Remind your kids to not touch elevator buttons, doorknobs, or other high-risk surfaces. You can make a game out of it and pretend that all these surfaces are “hot.” You can also opt to bring a tissue or those non-contact keychains to use when you hit those buttons or touch the doorknobs.

Bring hand sanitizer.

One of today’s necessities is alcohol or hand sanitizer. While it’s still safer to wash your hands regularly, it might not be possible to do so every few minutes. So hand sanitizer or alcohol is your best bet.

Opt for outdoor spaces.

If you think that you need to go out, plan your trip properly. If possible, opt to visit large outdoor spaces that are hopefully, not too crowded as well.

Keep up with social distancing.

It’s still important to maintain your distance from other people when you go outside your home. The farther away you and your family are from others, the lesser chances of you catching something.

Stay with the people you live with.

It might be tempting to also meet up with other family and friends while you’re outdoors, but you and your kids might have a hard time maintaining your distance from them. If you’re determined about meeting with other households, then it might be best to wear masks and try to still keep as much distance as possible.

Don’t touch stuff.

Again. This applies to other surfaces such as public benches, playground equipment, and other areas or items that other people might have also touched.

Wear your masks.

And bring extras as well. Aside from it’s a requirement for everyone going out these days, they’re proven effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Going out these days might seem more tedious, but it might be worth it especially if you think the outdoors and sense of normalcy will do you and your family good. But if you’re still not comfortable going out, then staying in is OK too.


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