6 Signs that Your Child is Coping During Unprecedented Times

Are your kids ok amidst the pandemic? We have the signs that say they are 🤔


We are living in uncertain times. And to live through a global pandemic, we have to ensure the health and safety of our family and loved ones, especially our kids. And while we might be obsessing on how we can maintain their immune system and to keep them healthy, how we can ensure that they are healthy and coping the best they can at this time?

To help you out, here are six signs that your child is coping during unprecedented times:

Your child can concentrate on his school work and other activities

Granted, kids can have a short attention span. If you have been spending most of this time at home doing various activities with your child, then you might have chances to notice that your child is struggling to focus. However, if he can finish his worksheets, accomplish art projects, and follow instructions given whether it’s for study or play, then he might be coping the best.

Your child is exhibiting “normal” behaviour

Kids who might be experiencing a lot of stress can exhibit changes in behaviour or patterns, such as being more withdrawn than usual, being more prone to tantrums and mood swings, increased in conflict with siblings, and even outright defiance.1                                                                                                                  

Your child is not “regressing” to earlier behaviours                                                                              Another red-flag for anxiety in kids is “regressing” to earlier behaviours2. That is when our child doing things that might be considered normal when they were younger but now an exception at their current age.


Your child is getting quality sleep

Insomnia, abnormal sleeping patterns, and inadequate sleep are red-flags that your child might be dealing with mental health issues at this time.3 Losing sleep for one night might be okay, but if your child is having troubles to sleep for many nights in a row then it might be time to consider or looking for consultation with your healthcare provider.


Your child is eating well

That is, he is not eating too little or too muchjust right. If your child is more or less eating at the same rate as before the pandemic, then it’s another sign that you don’t have to worry about him too much. 



Your child maintains contact with friends and family                                                                                                                                                Maintaining an active social life while practicing social distancing might be challenging, but if your child is participating in video calls with family and friends, as well as comes out of the room to bond with you and play with his siblings, then there are chances that he is fine. Being anti-social, showing unwillingness to interact with others, or in some cases being argumentative or even quieter than usual can be signs that he’s struggling to cope. So it’s best to allow him to maintain contact with relatives and friends virtually.

If you have answered yes to most of the items above, then your child is doing well amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The best thing that we can do for them at this point is to help maintaining their immune function and good health by giving them Scott’s Emulsion daily. Scott’s Emulsion contains Vitamin A, which promotes normal immune function and healthy vision. It also has Vitamin D, an essential vitamin for maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Scott’s Emulsion Original also contains DHA which is an essential fatty acid found in the brain and eyes. 

So, stay safe and healthy, mamas!

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