Activities To Occupy Kids: Sand Art


Though we are a family who loves to go for outings during the weekends, there are just some days you feel like lazing at home. Especially after I got back from Darwin, I’ve had this mysterious hangover that I can’t fathom myself. Darwin is a mere 1.5 hours ahead of Singapore time, but I’ve been feeling sleepy and lethargic ever since I got back. So the weekend that just passed, we were resting at home most of the time, except for church service on Sunday morning.

It is therefore important that I keep a stash of activity packs that I can bring out to occupy the kids whenever they get bored at home. Seriously, such stuffs save ours lives. When the kids get bored, they get into all kinds of nonsense and mess that I get headaches just thinking about.

Out of my stash, I took out a sand art pack that occupied Joey for a good 30 minutes – Enough for me to regain my sanity & have my lunch.




Old milk bottle covers became useful for holding the different coloured sands. =)




Joey very patiently peeled off the stickers section by section and covered them in sand. In times like that, I get a grip on myself that my kid is NOT hyperactive. Hyper, but not the sick kind of hyper, if you know what I mean. I’ve been having that doubt on and off for years. She can really sit still, focus and complete an intricate task like this with much care.







At the end of the day, we’ve got a lovely masterpiece and a very happy girl. =)




 Blog Source: We are the J Babies


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