Benefits Of Play


Play signifies a lot of things specially to a child. It’s their freedom of imagination, it’s their way to express how they feel and think, and the easiest way to reach out and bond to your child. More over, what’s amazing about it is that, they are learning from it.

Here are some learning activities your child can play (you can even play along):

1. Playing pretend – This encourage your child hone her imaginativon that will develop her cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are any kind of mental skills that are used in the process of acquiring knowledge. And these skills includes reasoning, perception, and intuition. So, if you see your child talking with her/his toys or self, try to join in. You’ll be amaze how the story ends (or will it be?).

2. Building blocks – It increases eye-hand coordination and enhances spatial awareness. Also, what I love about this toy is that there’s no right or wrong on playing with it. They can be used whatever your child prefers it to be; a building, a castle, a rocket ship or a house.

3. Scribbling or doodles – All you need is a pencil and a paper. For more creative and fun way, you can add crayons or paints. Children LOVES to doodle, random lines and abstract figures. You’ll be surprise on how they interpret each drawings. Let them tell a story from their art works and by doing so, you encourage them to think logically and express how they feel in different situations.

4. Running/exercise – Let your child run! Don’t be afraid that she/he might fall from the ground or she/he might get bruises. That’s part of being a child. Let them be.

Among the many benefits of running/exercise are physical fitness, confidence and stronger self-esteem, more energy, better memory, and simply a good feeling about themselves.

Understanding and supporting their natural yearning for physical activities will help lead them to a lifetime of happy and healthy living. If we joyfully encourage our children to play freely from the early stages of their development, we will be giving our children a gift that will endure throughout their lives.

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