Bringing up Baby: How to Raise up a Survivor Preschooler


No matter how much amount of time you have in your hands, it’s still impossible to look after your preschool child at all times. It is inevitable that you take your eyes off them, therefore it’s important to teach them how to deal with emergency situations on their own.
Preschool children in general lack the same maturity and mental capacity that adults possess so as a parent, it’s necessary that you help them prepare for an emergency by instilling them basic guidance on how to react in case an emergency arises. Hence, you need to learn the things you should do to help them face such scenarios.

Basic things your Preschooler must know

•    Teach your preschooler how and when to call for help. Post local emergency numbers by the telephones.

•    In order for your preschool child to deal with emergencies properly, he/she must know how to recognize and differentiate danger signals like fire alarms, smoke detectors, and other community warning system in your neighborhood.

•    It is also a standard operating procedure in emergency management to assign meeting place/s for the family to meet and account for everyone especially for sudden emergencies such as fire. Outside of your home is the perfect location. Another is outside the neighborhood. Make sure that everyone knows the address and telephone number.

•    Help your preschool child memorize important family information such as name, address, and phone numbers. If your he/she is having a hard time memorizing this information, a small index card comes in handy. Make sure to also give your child’s preschool teacher a copy.

•    Involve your preschooler in the creation and maintenance of your family emergency plans.

•    Teach by example. Keep in mind that your preschooler will definitely notice how you react during an emergency, so it is important to compose yourself and not look too panicky since a slight scary situation for you may be traumatic for your preschool child.

These are just some of the things preschool children should learn in order to help them survive emergency situations. It is helpful if you teach your children to be self-sufficient at an early age, which in turn, can help them deal with other situations they may encounter later on in their lives.


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