Guide them well: Teaching your Toddler How to Write

teaching toddler to write

It is important to be there for your toddler in every milestone in his life. And learning how to write is a big step for him, therefore it is necessary for you to learn the ways on how to guide your toddler to write.

Teaching your toddler how to write is a fun and at the same time challenging process that will test your patience and creativity. Keep in mind to keep things simple and do not push your toddler to learn right away. You can start by spending at least five minutes at a time since toddlers have short attention spans and you need to make an effort to make them sit for a long period of time.

In order to convince your toddler to sit and learn to write, you must:

• Set a definite schedule for studying since toddlers succeed on schedules and even if it won’t work at all times, having a set learning time will instill some discipline on your toddler.

• Create an environment conducive for learning by putting small desk and chair, supplies, and colorful designs to the wall to entice your toddler to learn. Making a visually appealing learning and fun area is helpful during toddler age when they rely on their sense of sight.

• Start by picking out pieces of construction papers and writing letters of the alphabet or your toddler’s name. The most important step when teaching your toddler write is to encourage recognition of letters.

• In order to formally teach your toddler to actually form letters, you may wish to start letting him trace letters by creating dotted lines using closely spaced dashes.

• Teach your child how to hold a pencil properly but make sure that you use the right kind of pencil. An incorrect grasp is hard to correct later on. There are different kinds of pencil, some are thicker than usual, and are perfect for toddlers that are still starting to learn how to write.

• Supply your toddler with pencils and crayons and encourage him to use his imagination and jut draw whatever he wants. Letting him practice scribbling is a form of writing itself.

• Talk and read to your toddler as this will help him develop the ability to write and read at the same time. The more language he hears, the more his brain will develop.

Teaching your toddler write and learn new things early on will help him develop great study habits and allow him to discover new interests. Being there for your child and giving full support in this learning process is the most important thing you can do as a parent.


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