Highly Recommended Montessori Schools for Preschool Kids in Singapore

You might be wondering why Montessori schools abound in Singapore. The reason is simple — the intensifying faith of parents on Montessori schools. Parents believe that sending their preschool kids to a Montessori school is best for their children who are in their highly sensitive phase of their life. Montessori schools differ from the archetypal preschools in a way that they encourage kids to express themselves, become more independent, aware of their surroundings, and gain confidence in making the right choices. Here is a list of Montessori schools in Singapore we consider as highly recommended.

Charis Montessori – the Christian preschool
Charis Montessori whose name is a Greek for grace, kindness, and favor is a Montessori in Singapore that aims to help children excel academically as well as spiritually. They nurture kids with holistic education rooted in Christian value.

Brainy Child Montessori – Multiple intelligence-forming preschool
Brainy Child Montessori is a Montessori in Singapore focused in bringing out the full potential of the child with holistic education.  It integrates multiple intelligences in their preschool curriculum to excel in various areas such as art, math, music, language, and science early in life.

Learning Vision – the award-winning preschool
With more than 20 preschool sites matched with long history and proof of excellence in preschool education, Learning Vision is the leading choice of many parents. It is the singled-out Montessori in Singapore to receive various distinctive awards and accolades, such as the recent Child Care Awards’ Outstanding Programme Award (Centre) for 2010.

Genius R Us – fun and enriching preschool
If you want the “genius” in your child to be revealed and enriched, Genius R Us is out to help you. It is the Montessori in Singapore where the cryptic talents and skills of your child are unleashed and honed. Their enrichment programs strive to make any child have fun while learning.

Eton House – the empowering preschool
Eton House is known for being the Montessori in Singapore that prepares your child towards the ever challenging, highly competitive global future. Their excellent preschool programs are focused at equipping your child to becoming the future’s young achievers.

In Singapore, we’re lucky to have a multitude of preschools around. Many of them are not just like the usual kind where teachers speak most of the time and kids are bound to listen. They’re an exceptional kind since they foster excellence in our kids. However, with a range of Montessori schools available, deciding which one to send our kids can be a challenge. When choosing the ideal preschool for your child, it is important to choose the one you can trust with sheer confidence.


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