Let your child be ready for the world at Monte Kidz World


As the name suggests, Monte Kidz World is a well-established MOE-registered kindergarten, where for the past decade, children, up to the age of six, are educated according to the methods and principles set forth by Dr Maria Montessori, which recognizes the importance of the first six years in a child’s development.  The child’s powers of absorption are at their peak during these sensitive years, when lifelong attitudes and patterns of learning are firmly established.

At Monte Kidz World, we pride ourselves in running the school according to the highest professional standards where children’s interest comes first. We ensure that your child enjoys a wealth of personal attention with our low teacher-child ratio.

Its specially prepared classrooms feature six distinct learning areas–Practical Life, Sensorial Education, English Literacy, Numeracy, Cultural and Chinese Language–all designed carefully to ensure your child’s learning needs are met.

To ensure holistic development, your children are closely observed in his or her work, conduct, and the development of self-discipline to include voluntary obedience. These indicators provide sound information on how much your children have acquired in a period.

With its highly trained professional workforce and loving, caring environment, Monte Kidz World will never disappoint. At Monte Kidz World, your children will be ready for the world.


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