Natural Childbirth: The Best Way To Give Birth?


Choosing natural childbirth does not mean opting for the primitive and painful way to give birth. It means choosing the safest and the gentlest way to give birth to a precious baby. Although most women prefer to give birth in hospitals where medical interventions are highly accessible, natural childbirth is still the best method due to faster recovery rates and less health complications.

What is a natural childbirth?

A natural childbirth is the natural way to deliver. By “natural”, it means the birth occurs normally as it conforms to the functionality of a woman’s body. It is generally free from medical interventions, such as anesthesia, pain relievers, and labor-inducing drugs.

How do you benefit from a natural childbirth?

Women who give birth naturally recover faster than those who deliver “unnaturally”. Since natural birth is in line with how a woman’s body is supposed to function, there is no need for surgeries and drugs that can hamper labor, birth, and recovery. Since no artificial drugs are administered, they are more active and can move around thereby inducing labor more effectively and decreasing the chances of cesarean section.

Ever wonder why cesarean sections are on the rise today? That is because in the hospital a woman about to give birth feels like a patient. IV administration and vital sign monitoring could restrict mobility and get in the way of a normal labor. In the end, drugs or surgeries may be needed. With cesarean section, recovery is slower and drugs can cause allergies and respiratory distress to babies.

How to have a natural childbirth?

If you are considering natural birth, you may need to consult a physician to check if you are physically fit to give birth naturally. If this is not your first birthing experience, then you can assess yourself. If you think you’re up for it choose a place where to do it. You can give birth at home or in birth centers. You can also do it in a hospital although medical interventions and procedures like IV are very likely. Thus, you may need to talk to your physician. If you decide to do it at home, find a midwife or a doula to assist you.

Birth is a natural process — a normal phase in a woman’s life. Therefore, it should neither be considered as a disability nor a malady needing medical treatments.  With natural birth, women are empowered as they should. A drug-free labor and birth means no risk for adverse drug reactions and the lack of surgeries means speedy recovery.  Thus, natural childbirth remains to be the best choice.


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