Parent`s guide to celebrating Valentine`s day with the family


Valentine’s Day is popularly celebrated by romantic couples, but does these mean families and single parents cannot celebrate it too? Of course not; parents, kids, and whole families can celebrate Hearts’ Day with as much fervor as romantic couples because, after all, it is a celebration of love. 

What exactly are some of the best Valentine’s Day family celebrations parents can prepare for? 

Weekend barbecue at home
Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, it might be best for parents to celebrate with their kids the weekend before to allow them more time with one another. Parents can keep their celebration simple by having barbecue at home, inviting relatives or neighbors as well. Parents can engage their children in decorating the yard with little fancy hearts and balloons to make the occasion merrier. 

Weekend getaway
For families who can afford to celebrate with much more flair, a weekend getaway in a nearby beach or theme park is the way to go. Parents, as well as single parents, can simply gather the family for a weekend out of town or anywhere nearby. This way, parents, kids, and their guests can simply forget the worries of the city and relax the Valentine’s weekend away.  

Simple family dinner
For families unable to go out of town, preparing homemade dinner and gathering all members is a simple yet enjoyable way of celebrating the month of love. Parents, kids, including single parents can simply use this hassle-free opportunity to catch up on one another, share stories, and perhaps relive some old family traditions before starting the week. 

Other thoughtful ideas for Valentine’s Day
Bouquets of flowers need not be given to girlfriends or wives only, but to mothers too. Your parents, especially your moms, will surely appreciate receiving flowers from their beloved children on Valentine’s Day. Single parents, especially single moms, will appreciate this gesture even more from their kids. It’s unconventional, but nevertheless heartwarming. 

Do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day cards are a fun, personalized, way of letting your parents, kids know you care. Whether you’re a parent, single parent, or child, exchanging Hearts’ Day thoughts will tug the heart more than store-bought ones. Get extra creative and post all these on a wall. 

Photobooths are a new, fun way of bonding for parents and kids. Mark Valentine’s Day with a do-it-yourself photobooth you can easily install in your home and snap away! Have a tripod-mounted camera and mobile printer ready and so prints easily come off and you can share it with everyone else the same day! You can experiment with wacky poses and pimp your photos with props for a fun-filled Valentine’s Day celebration!  




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