Planning For Your Child`s Birthday Party


Your little tot will celebrate his/her big day soon and of course, as a parent, you want to throw the best party ever! It has to be a day that your child can remember and have happy memories of. It is now time to gather kids party ideas so that you can tie everything together with a big bow of fun and laughter!

Here are some birthday party themes that will rock your birthday boy/girl’s world:


Make it a costume party and ask the kids to come in wearing eye patches, bandannas, striped tops, pirate hats, and a fake hook hand or a pirate moustache and beard to complete the look. Have a birthday cake made in the shape of a pirate ship. Create a treasure map showing clues and directions on how to find the hidden treasure of sweets and little toys buried somewhere in your garden.

Witches and Wizards

Harry Potter still lives! Kids are fascinated by magic and this is one of the birthday party themes that will never fail. Set the mood in your garden or living room with some twinkling lights and faux crystal balls. Cut out stars and let the kids decorate their own party wizard hats. Have different colored fruit juices as drinks for the party and call them magic potions. Do not forget magic wands as party favors!

Superstar Sleepover

If your child wants to be a star for a night then one of the best birthday party themes is a superstar sleepover! Let them have a private cooking lesson with mom during dinner, a quick makeover and fun fashion show with an older sister, and a movie screening to cap the night complete with popcorn and milkshakes.  It can be a great bonding moment for the girls. Don’t forget lots of snapshots!

Rock and Roll

Most of kids party ideas border on the fantasies so why don’t you try making one a reality? Make your child and his friends the ultimate rock stars! Bring out the drums, guitars, piano and microphones. Let them dress up as their favorite rock stars, complete with colorful wigs and fake tattoos. Your child’s friends can also have a talent show and your birthday boy/girl can be the judge. Let them rock the tunes, adlib and lip synch. You can even set up a camera so that they can make videos of themselves singing and dancing. Volunteer to edit the videos so they can have a souvenir from the epic night.

It just a matter of being in tune with your child’s likes and the popular birthday party themes in this day and age. Do not fuss about it too much but make sure you can prepare everything in time so your child can have tons of fun on his/her special day.


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