Set your health goals and set aside ‘me-time’ in 2015



If you are a busy mum and find yourself taking care of other people more than yourself, 2015 is the time to set this straight. Take some time to set your health goals this year and the best way to do this is to share your intentions with a friend or find a fitness studio to help you along.

Kate Porter Yoga (KPY), a boutique yoga and Pilates studio based on the East Coast of Singapore, might be the right partner for you.

KPY has been around for six years and offers a range of yoga and mat Pilates classes, as well as fun holidays, workshops, urban retreats, special classes and more in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Compared to other studios, there is a higher percentage of mums who visit the studio because the first class on weekdays start at 9.30am, perfect for that ‘me-time’ after sending the family to work and school.

Many people we spoke to say KPY is a different sort of yoga experience. It’s believes in conducting Yoga for Normal People. This is a place for people to come to to get healthier, to feel good about themselves, regardless of their fitness level, flexibility, size, age or shape.

Class sizes are kept small – not more than 20 people – so you get maximum attention. After each class, each student gets served a chilled seasonally scented refresher towel as well as a cup of cold iced tea. Besides group studio classes, KPY also helps organise private yoga and Pilates classes, as well as Kids Yoga classes.

KPY carefully selects each teacher and they all bring to class their own expertise, experience and unique style so students are exposed to a wide range of knowledge. Practices are designed to build both strength and flexibility – neither one at the expense of the other. By opening targeted areas of the body we strive to create ‘space’ and freedom within the body, which results in the entire body being energised and invigorated.

The studio is peppered with art works from the owner’s private collection and the it organises an Arts Festival every year.

If you are a first timer at KPY and would like to try out a class, please email or text, Whatsapp or call KPY at 9781 3403. Quote ‘KPYMC’ to enjoy your first yoga or Pilates trial class with them.

Kate Porter Yoga (KPY) Website:

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KPY Facebook page: KatePorterYoga


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