Focus on Taking Positive Actions! Be A Positive Teacher / Parent (0 – 8 yrs)


Positive Focus® programmes are founded on the philosophy that a child’s development must be balanced and well rounded. We believe in equal development of the child’s mind, body, behavior and emotional quotient.

Join our exciting Positive Focus Impact Training (PFIT) workshop that brings you on an eye-opening journey into our signature program using NLP, Rhythmic Yoga Play, Music & Movement and Whole Brain Development techniques. This high impact training will prepare you to teach this life-enriching program that gives children and families a head-start in EQ, IQ, self awareness, communication skills, learning skills and physical wellness. This incredible journey will bring you a command of your own EQ as well as joy and satisfaction from sharing this knowledge with others.

Course Contents:

– Positive Focus philosophy
–  Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Parents / Teachers and Children in it’s simplest form
– Introduction to Positive Psychology, Phonics, Speech Development and Creative Drama
– Understanding the 7 chakras for beginners (the energy centers in our body in which energy
    flows through)
– Personality types – Practical applications of the Enneagram in parenting, teaching and relationships.
    (Enneagram can be used to understand behavior and dynamics.)
– Learning styles (Preferred representational system)

– Positive Classroom Management strategies

More than 100 Positive activities explored! (Especially for Parents & teachers working with children o – 8yrs)!

– Exclusive Rhythmic Yoga Play for for Babies and Toddlers
– A – Z Animal Safari Yoga Play
– Exclusive Fitness Fun with Body Alphabet
– Breath work for children, parents and teachers
– Brain – Balancing exercises
– Musical games and dramatic dances
– Stress / Emotional Management
– Exercises to enhance self – control skills & ability to listen

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