Enjoy a fun-filled arty day at Art Zone’s Art Camps!




Searching for new, creative ways to  learn the arts? How about recycling, or working with clay? Your kids can learn all that and more at Art Zone’s Art Camps!

Art Camps are designed for young boys and girls to learn all about woodcraft, recycling art, clay art, and collage. Each day, they will work with a new theme and create something unique from any of these techniques! Not only will they learn new ways to be creative and imaginative; they will also learn ways to re-use and recycle materials previously unthought-of as art pieces!

Art Zone’s Art Camps are perfect for kids aged 5 to 10.

Or join our  flexi-time art and craft workshops.  Call 63338203, email info@artzone.com.sg or log on to www.artzone.sg for more details.


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