Are preschools keeping up with child’s potential pace of development?


If your child is between 3 and 9 years of age, loves language and maths, TSM has the programmes which can help to build a strong foundation in the child’s academic development.

Children have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and a different pace of development. In a typical structured and syllabus-based programme, teachers find it tough to handle such a diversity of needs. When the child is under-challenged, he or she will feel bored. When over-challenged, the child feels stressed.

TSM’s curriculum focuses on self-help and motor skills development for the very young. Depending on child’s readiness, TSM’s programmes shift gradually from being very concrete and hands-on to being abstract and worksheet-based. This approach prepares the preschool child well for the immediate future challenges. In areas where the child demonstrates strength, he or she will cover substantial amount of contents in TSM. It is not unusual to find children at TSM already handling lower primary level work with relative ease.

Mrs Lam’s twins, with Temasek Primary School, did extremely well for their P1. “Eu Ann find P1 curriculum easy, especially maths.” Said Mrs Lam. “Her twin brother Eu Ler’s confidence level, achievement and motivation have increased greatly. Thanks to the teachers of TSM for building a strong foundation in my children’s pre-school years.”

Eu Ann, was awarded First in Class and Best in Maths, P1.

Eu Ler, was Best in Standard P1, First in Class and Best in Maths P1, 2013.


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